märg c, squash c, zucchini c, courgette c


: When Im thirsty I drink squash; it tastes much nicer than plain water.

: Its a bit of a squash in this small room.

*: It was one of the most shocking [[WWE]] title matches ever witnessed, and effectively a 20-minute squash match as Brock Lesnar "conquered" his opponent.

: Somehow, she squashed all her books into her backpack, which was now too heavy to carry.

: We all managed to squash into Mums tiny car.

: We ate squash and green beans.

*: The squash is a four-footed beast, bigger than a cat.[[Category:en:Squash]][[Category:en:Racquet sports]][[Category:en:Sports]][[Category:en:Gourd family plants]]----

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